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Chris Milailides: 1) I was impressed with his honestly. From a social policy perspecitive it is clear that from his stand point social policy takes a back seat to making money. He talked about how Foxwoods does not want anyone to get hurt, and they do what they need to to give back to the community and promote healthy gambling; however, the main goal of Foxwoods is to make money, and a lot of the charity and raising awareness that they do is for their image. 2) 3 things that were new to me were that 50 to 55% of their business comes from MA, that the MGM Grand on their reservation is catered to a younger crowd, and that patrons on average spend $120 their first visit and $100 their second visit. 3) Three things that I already knew were that Foxwoods donates 25% of their slot revenues to CT, that 30,000 to 35,000 people visit Foxwoods every day, and that Foxwoods makes a lot of donations to things like the United Way, the Special Olympics, and DARE to improve their image. 4)
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