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ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT GAMING AND SOCIAL POLICY HT-MGT 419 – SPRING 2011 Group Project on Gaming and Social Policy Assessment/Feedback Form (Download and complete this form electronically, then upload in assignments link.) Use this form to rate the performance of everyone in your group, including yourself! Use a separate form for each member. Include as little or as much information as you think is needed. Feel free to make additional comments anywhere you want. Your name: Virginia Nolan Name of Team Members: Max Detmer, Kierstyn Prindle Group # & Project Title: Group 8, Problem/Pathological Gambling: At Risk Populations Name of Member: Myself Group Communications Rating (0-10): Comments: Talk about how you communicated with the group. Did you attending meetings, return emails, etc.? During the meetings, did you communicate well, or waste time, act disruptively, etc.? Also discuss any leadership issues, i.e. was there a leader, how did decisions get made, etc. Any other communication issues or observations? 10 I attended all meetings, and responded to all emails. There was no real leader; we all worked well together. We agreed on how to split up the paper, then we all worked on it separately, and then put it together and worked on making it flow and writing the introduction and conclusion. Timeliness Rating (0-10): Comment: Did you meet deadlines? Did you show that you respected the time deadlines of the group? 10
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