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Professor G’s LACC Physiology 1 Final Review Sheet Lecture 1: Homeostasis I A 1-2, B; II; III A; IV A 1, B 2, C 1, D 1 Lecture 2: Basic Chemistry I; II; III C; V A-B, D; VI Lecture 3: Biochemistry I; II B 1b, 2-4, C, D 1-2, 4-5, E, F 3 I; II A 2, B 1-5, C; III Lecture 5: Muscle Physiology I; II; III A, B 3; IV A, C, F; VII A Lecture 6: Neurophysiology I; II; III A-C, IV; VI; VIII Lecture 7: Reflex Activity I; II A Lecture 8: Autonomic Nervous System I; II A; III A-B Lecture 9: Physiology of Vision I; II A-B I; III A; VI; VII D Lecture 11: Physiology of Blood
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Unformatted text preview: I A-C; II A, C-D; III; IV A; V; VI A; VII (both sections with that label); VIII Lecture 12: Circulatory Physiology I-IV; VI B; VII C Lecture 13: Heart Physiology ALL Lecture 14: Physiology of Respiration ALL Lecture 15: Physiology of Digestion NONE Lecture 16: Renal Physiology ALL Lecture 17: Fluid, Electrolyte, Acid/Base Balance ALL Lecture 18: Reproductive Physiology Male: NONE Reproductive Physiology Female: NONE Lecture 19: Endocrine System NONE Lecture 20: Immune System: Innate ALL Lecture 21: Immune System: Adaptive (parts I and II) ALL...
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