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Medical sociology Chapter 9

Medical sociology Chapter 9 - Amber Chamberlain 1 Chapter 9...

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Amber Chamberlain Chapter 9: Physicians (Reading) * Physicians control clinical work and the effort of most other people who provide health care I. The Professionalization of the physician a. Goode’s basic characteristics of professionalism i. Prolonged training in a body of specialized (?) ii. Abstract knowledge and an orientation toward providing a service b. Beginnings of medical school (1800s) i. College of Philadelphia (U Penn)- 1 st American medical school ii. Medical treatment was still low iii. France and Germany were more prominent at the time w/ medical training 1. American medical students fled to these places for school and then came back to establish private practices c. Carnegie and Rockefeller families funded American scientific medicine d. THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA) i. Organization of physicians ii. Two internal organization: 1. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)- journal of medical knowledge 2. Divisions of AMA a. Local level (district or country medical societies) * ( basic unit ) b. Constituent societies (state/territorial) c. National House of Delegates d. Board of trustees e. National officers iii. Local Societies 1.
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