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For or Against On the topic of whether or not Preschool should only be provided for a specific group of children, I feel as though it should only be provided for a specific group of children; that specific group being low income children not just living in low income areas but anywhere. These children need the free education funding more than children whose parents can pay for them to go to school. Without the free education these children will never be exposed to the essentials and foundation building blocks of their education, potentially causing problems later in their academic careers. It has been shown in studies that children from low income backgrounds who went to government funded preschools were found later in their lives to be doing far better than
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Unformatted text preview: their counterparts who did not go to government funded institutions. Something like a speech problem that if found early on can save hundreds of dollars rather than if they are found at a later age when it may be harder to correct, is just one example of why these low income children truly need the free government funded preschool education. I am for preschool education being provided to a specific group because it gives them a chance to compete with others in life and it also helps them to learn essential social skills necessary to develop relationships and succeed as an individual later on in life....
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