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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Teke, Matin Western Civilization I 06/22/2011 Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as One Religion Every single kind of human being who practice any kind of religion has her/his own way to believe a God to look up to. There are three kind of religions that share different ways to look up to God, but that have the same roots. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, share one common bondage, its father. In “Jerusalem: The Center of The World” (DVD) Ray Suarez, an american broadcast journalist, goes deep into the story of Jerusalem, and the roots of these three religions. Starting with the journey of Abraham to the recent days, he gives evidence about there religions and how they connect with each other. The Holy City of Jerusalem has been the dynamic city thats has witnessed a history full of passion of three religions that come together through Abra- ham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. It all starts with Abraham (Abram) who many of us worship as a patriarch, as the creator of all of us. Abraham is known to come from a region not so close to Jerusalem, UR. One day God reaches to Abraham and gives him a message “Go from your country, to the land that i will show you” (DVD) After this Abraham started a journey with his family and settled in a land called Cannan (now days Israel) and there God talks to him again and offered him a binding agreement known as The Covenant, which ask for Abraham himself to be circumcised as well as all his male descendants. The Covenant was the beginning of what would become the first major monotheism religion, Judaism. Also God tested Abraham by making him kill his own son, to prove himself. He took Isaac to a mountain to a place known as The Land of Moriah. As he was
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Aguilera 2 about to commit the sacrifice an angel sent by God told him not to do it. He had proven God his loyalty. This action took place on the land that later was called Jerusalem. One of Abraham and Isaac’s descendants and the principal link that brings three import- ant types of religions together is Moses. He is considered the most important prophet is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam religions. As known by the bible the descendants of Abraham grew in big numbers becoming the Israelites. Around this time Egypt was the ruler and had the Jews as slaves for over 400 years. Moses was born a Jew, the second generation of slaves in his family
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WESTNER - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Teke Matin Western...

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