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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Mrs. Tzarina Prater Preparation July 21st-2010 America: The Mona Lisa According to Michael Ignatieff Nationalism is a form of Narcissism. Whereas a narcissist feels love for himself and no one else and a nationalist supports their country and fights for it with all their strength. We believe that we have something that makes us special. It could be either a talent or a skill, something that differentiate us from others. Complexion is what differ- entiate us the most. In “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria”author, Judith O. Cofer, writes about how American society discriminates and puts immigrants on a lower level, classifying them as individuals incapable of achieving future goals. In the poem “To live in the Borderlands means you...” Gloria Anzaldúa writes about the immigrants life. The struggles they go through everyday and their fighting against American society to fulfill the American dream. In this paper I will argue about the American myth of plentiful opportunities as an ideal that gives false hopes, resulting in failure. Less opportunities equals less growths for individuals. Considering the opportunities that Americans have, people that society views as different, like immigrants, get placed on a level lower not being able to grow as individuals. In this two lectures we see examples of how this is reflected in a daily life. When Gloria Anzaldúa writes “Cuando vives en la frontera people walk through you, the winds steals your voice,” (Anzaldúa 332) she expresses how when people steal your voice you do not have any right. If people walk trough you have no density, people cannot feel you, you are nothing more than just air. She feels about the discrimination against her race
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Aguilera 2 and all immigrants in general. This is important because through her experiences we see reflected how immigrants are being stereotype and discriminated against. She writes about all the violence immigrants received to the point that they are not being considered as individuals but as objects. In Cofer we also see reflected this idea of discrimination and stereotyping. In one of her anec- dotes she says “But to him, I was just an Evita or a Maria: merely a character in his cartoon-pop- ulated universe” (Cofer 228) expressing all the detestation this man feels towards her. What he sees in her is no more than just another Hispanic woman, and she gets pointed at because of that.
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