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Aguilera 1 Preparing for College Writing Reading Assignment 3 Michael Ignatieff’s “Excerpt: The Narcissism of Minor Difference” I. Building Vocabulary and Understanding A. Building vocabulary – This essay is full of words that may not be familiar to you, particu- larly given the way the writer uses them. List five words and their definitions below that you had to look up. Are the words you chose important to comprehending the essay? Some of these words may be defined in the text itself. Make sure you consider how the writer uses the term. 1. naivete: The state or quality of being naive; innocence, artlessness, absence of pretence; (in later use also) lack of experience, judgement, or wisdom. 2. scornful: Contempt or disdain felt toward a person or object considered despic- able or unworthy. 3. Antagonism: The mutual resistance or active opposition of two opposing forces, physical or mental; active opposition to a force. 4. narcissism: Excessive self-love or vanity; self-admiration, self-centredness. 5. Archetype: An original model or type after which other similar things are pat- terned; a prototype B. Key words in action – List three words and/or phrases that you know are central to Mi- chael Ignatieff’s argument. First, provide a dictionary definition, then paraphrase the term as Ignatieff uses it.
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Aguilera 2 1. Key word: *Scarcity: Dictionary definition: Insufficiency of supply; smallness of available quantity, num- ber, or amount, in proportion to the need or demand. Ignatieff’s definition: Encode in the Bible as a principle of Onesses (one land, one people, one nation) and in monotheistic thinking (one Deity), it becomes a de- mand of exclusive allegiance that threatens with the violence of exclusion. 2. Key word: Nationalism: Dictionary definition: Advocacy of or support for the interest of one’s own nation, esp. to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations. Also: advocacy of or sup- port for national independence or self-determination. Ignatieff’s definition: Means forgetting that he was once a neighbor, brother, and a friend to the people in the next trench. Denies that multiple belonging is possible. It insists on the primacy of national belonging over all other allegiances.
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print out assigment 3 - Aguilera 1 Preparing for College...

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