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Preparation for College Writing Mid-term Examination Michael Ignatieff’s “Narcissism of Minor Difference” For the duration of one class period, 90 minutes, you are to answer the following question: According to Michael Ignatieff, what is the relationship between “narcissism” and “nationalism”? In constructing your response, you are to use either Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” or Bharati Mukherjee’s “Two Ways To Belong In America” essay to provide an example. You are then to apply your understanding of the relationship of nar- cissism to nationalism to an example of your own. I am looking for evidence of reading comprehension, connective thinking and thoughtful application of ideas. Remember: you only block quote passages that are over four typed lines of text. Make sure that you cite from your texts and that you cite properly. When in doubt, look at the handout that gave you what a paper should look like. As a nationalist you support your country during everything and a as narcissist
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