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conclusions - and the criticism once the step foot on this...

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I decided to titled my paper America: The Mona Lisa because i found it amazing the relationship that is has with my main thesis. In Ignatieff text we see how this is represented “There are differ- ences between them, particularly in their family names, but these differences are nearly invisible to outsiders” (Ignatieff 38). In this quote Ignatieff highlights how outsiders cannot tell the differ- ence between these men that are fighting that are enemies to death. They are so alike that people from elsewhere can barely distinguish them. Same happens with the other essays, the authors do not specifically mentions it but we get the idea from the reading. In Cofer essay we see how op- portunities for immigrants are so narrow and how they get discriminated against. For outsiders America is no more than the land of opportunities and where dreams can become true. Immig- rants come here looking forward for a better future for themselves and for their family. They have high expectations of getting good jobs but get hit hard by the reality of American society
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Unformatted text preview: and the criticism once the step foot on this land. high When immigrants come to this land they realize that from the outside America looks perfect and what they are looking for but once they see it from the inside, those dreams become nightmares and thise expectations become desires that will probably, never become true. I like to apply this to the Mona Lisa painting. Looking at it from far we see no more than just a famous painting, but once we analyze it and research about its history we will see that it is so much more than that. Looking at it closer and knowing about its history we can see all those little details and understand their meaning. Comparing this fam-ous painting and America we can now tell the similarities, how from far or outside they look so pleasant and perfect but once you get close to it we see all those details that just reveal its true face....
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