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1srt 5 pages paper (reviewed)

1srt 5 pages paper (reviewed) - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera...

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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Mrs. Tzarina Prater Preparation for College Writing July 17th, 2010 Language: key for identity Language defines who we are, our identity and nation. Many immigrants come to this land look- ing for a better future and a better education, but somehow hey get lost trying to fit in and ended up losing their identity and with it, the sense of who they are. In these two autobiographical es- says we have the experiences of two different people that have in common this sense of not be- longing to a place or a nation. In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan tell us about her life as the daugh- ter of an Asian immigrant. Tan’s mother gets judge by people because she express herself in what some people call “broken English.” She gets treated like a nobody and goes through situations in like like being ignored at public places such as restaurants and hospitals, place of major import- ance for society. In “Two Ways to Belong in America” the author, Bharati Mukherjee, writes about her experiences in America. Following her sister’s steps, Mukherjee comes to the “land of dreams” and changes who she is just to fit in and feel that she belongs while her sister keeps all her traditions, and with it, that sense of belonging to her country of birth. In this paper I will ar- gue that language provide us with an identity, enables us to share ideas defining our sense of na- tion, and some cases is used against ourselves by people with power. The way we express ourselves defines our personality and identity. The way poeple with power look at us and how they label us. In Tan’s essay we have an example of how she feels about her mother’s language, her “mother tongue.” “Her language, as I hear it, is vivid, direct,
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Aguilera 2 full of observation and imagery” (Tan 342). Tan uses words here to describe the way she feels about her mother’s language, how clear and thoughtful it is for her. This quote is important be- cause is shows how comfortable she feels when she hears her mother’s language, the one she grew up with. The language that she identifies with, and most important, it is the language that allows to communicate with her mother. It might be “broken” as most people say but it is full of
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