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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Karen Kalteissen April 19 2011 Final Draft Relating the Real World with our Imagination Our imagination leads us to think of amazing new ideas or to commit horrendous dis- asters. In a world where we are all unlike to any other human being; our voice, points of view and imagination is what defines us as different. We all have different ways of approaching cer- tain situations and of making wise or absurd decisions. Malcolm Gladwell a reporter and writer for The New Yorker magazine writes in his essay ,“The Theory of Thin Slices: How a Little Bit of Knowledge Goes a Long Way”, about how people use thin-slicing everyday in their lives and how this method works for all of us. Gladwell gives many examples of cases where thin-slicing works to perfection and how it helps our society make quick judgements by being accurate at it. Lauren Slater an American writer and psychologist writes in her essay “Dr. Daedalus” about a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Rosen and how far plastic surgery can take the human being. In this essay she writes about the Dr. Rosen imagination and presents many examples of it. With his ideas he explains how the human race live in a constant change whether they either go under surgery or just exercise. Having us all a way to look at the others, we are always finding defects about ourselves or about others. Being perfect or even more than perfect is one thing that makes us push our bodies, asking for more. When we thin-slice or thick-slice, we search for things that can be fixed, and when we put our bodies under surgery, we try to correct those things that for our eyes are mistakes. Using our imagination in the proper way help us create something new for the benefit of our society. The bad usage of our imagination leads us to, sometimes, get wrong conclusions about what it is being analyzed. When we give too much thought to a certain thing, we start to imagine
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Aguilera 2 things that are not there and that we cannot see. Thick-slicing is the process where we deliberate and take out time to come out with answers. Throughout this process we use our imagination and come out with new theories. A perfect example about using our imagination when we thick-slice is when author Slater writes about what Dr. Rosen complains about the weather saying that “He’s sick and he isn’t sure whether it’s the flu or the first subtle signs of a biological attack” (313) To come out with new ideas about things we see, it is only necessary a little bit of usage of our ima- gination. Dr. Rosen sees a certain situation in front of his eyes and using his imagination he con-
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Final Draft 5th - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Karen...

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