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First Final Draft - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera January...

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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera January 31st, 2010 Final Draft Basic Comp 100-G Diversity Makes Us Equal. We are all diverse. Must of us practice, if not a different, a similar religion and we all have different points of view, and even though we might disagree at some point, at the end we all work it out for the best of the other. In David Brooks’ essay “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia” (55-63) he expresses how this country was built in the bases of immig- ration and being different, getting out of that nothing more than diversity. He also argues how America has changed with the past of the years. Things that could not been found in certain places before, now you see it everywhere. We all based our facts of expecting something better in the ideal that the Paradise Spell really exists and that the Fruition Myth is something that can become real. Americans just like immigrants live in this land with the hope of a better life and most of them spent most of their entire life fantasizing about a dream that is most likely to never become true. People like to live in places where they feel safe and pleasant. Every individual has a different life and they accommodate it according with their likes and dislikes. People move from one place to another looking for better results, like better jobs, and better environments where one can raise one’s family. As author Brooks states “Immig- rants used to settle in cities and then migrate out, but now many head straight for subur- bia, so today you see little Taiwanese girl in the figure skating clinics, Ukrainian boys learning to pitch and hints of cholo culture spreading across Nevada” (Brooks 58) Years ago life for immigrants was harder that what is now. Before immigrants had to get used to whatever they could get. One could not mind if one was living in a big house or a small
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Aguilera 2 studio. Work was hard and the people surrounding one were not exactly what
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First Final Draft - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera January...

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