Fith paper fisrt rough draft

Fith paper fisrt rough draft - 1 Aguilera Claudia Aguilera...

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1 Aguilera Claudia Aguilera 098:01 Deborah Allen November 29, 2010 Rough Draft Title Intro 1st Body Paragraph ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2nd Body Paragraph In some individual’s life racism plays a big role. Sometimes racial discrimination makes one feel better about oneself. Individuals that do not feel secure about their situation in life and have low self esteem, discriminate against others that are looked at by society as less. In author Perkel’s essay he explains how C.P Ellis used to hate on black people, “I really began to get bit- ter. I didn’t know who to blame. I tried to find somebody. I began to blame it on black people. I had to hate somebody. Hatin’ America is hard to do because you can’t see it to hate it. You gotta have somethin’ to look at to hate” (Terkel 400). Here we have the case of this man who during all his life has felt inferior. A man who has felt ashamed of his life since he was a kid. He always felt different, and even though he loved his father, he couldn’t help but be ashamed of him. All this inferiority complexes he always had turned into hatred. Not having Ellis who to blame for his daily struggle, he decided to attack black people, who were as poor as he was, but just the fact
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2 Aguilera that they were black made them look more inferior than white people. Having no money to sup- port his family and a child with mental retardation made Ellis feel frustrated about his life. When
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Fith paper fisrt rough draft - 1 Aguilera Claudia Aguilera...

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