fourth paper reviwed to print.

fourth paper reviwed to print. - Aguilera 1 Claudia...

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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera 098: 01 Deborah Allen November 15, 2010 Stereotype should mean Peace Identity is not defined by our religion but by who we truly are. Every individual thinks differently and even though his or her principles may be similar his or her ideas may disagree. So if every person thinks and acts by his or her own desire, then why does society divide individuals into groups? Many people discriminate only for what they see. They do not give the opportunit- ies to others to really show who they are. In Michael Rose’s essay, “I Just Wanna Be Average”, he writes about his experiences during high school and how the main purpose of two tracks, the Vocational and the College Prep, was to separate students and guide them into two different paths. He mentions how belonging to the Vocational track meant to be seen and considered as less. In Maysan Haydar’s essay, “Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge A Muslim Girl by Her Cover- ing”, she relates how being Muslim helped her go through some stages of her life, and how wear- ing a hijab gave her confidence, freedom, and most important an identity. In Diana L. Eck’s es- say, “Afraid of Ourselves”, she writes about the differences individuals see based on the image they have in their heads. How individuals do not consider the idea that the person they are look- ing at could actually have similar likes and opinions. America is a free country where thousands of immigrants, from every single part of the world and from different religions, come looking for a better future for them and their family. This is the land where everybody is different and share different opinions, and one should not be discriminated against by the way one dresses, one’s religion, or even less for one’s opinions. Society bases one’s beliefs on inaccurate images. Our ignorance makes us stereotype others without giving them the opportunity to explain themselves. This affects people who are labeled as different, and the consequences are so high that some
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Aguilera 2 would ended up losing their identity, leaving a very small gap for those who choose to fight against the stereotype. Stereotyping makes our society discriminate against individuals labeled as different based on inaccurate images. Most Muslims are looked at as different and “People known through ste- reotypes do not give the opportunity to tell us who they are. We do not let them get close enough to speak for themselves. We define them in their absence, on the basis of the images already present in out minds” (Eck 699). Certain groups, like Muslims suffer discrimination everyday be- cause of their apparel and the religion they follow. Americans define them as terrorists, and do not give them the opportunity to really show who they are. We claim we know everything about
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fourth paper reviwed to print. - Aguilera 1 Claudia...

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