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Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Basic Composition Rough Draft 1 Monday, 19-09-2011 Donna Cantor Bumping Into Reality In this modern era, the changes that our world goes through are constantly. Every day there are new inventions that in a way help to improve our lives. New types of technology come into our environment and invade our lives, most of the times making it run ten times faster. Things that used to take us a very long time to perform, now only takes us the tenth of that time that we needed before. With new technology come also a new lifestyle, a new one that we all have to adjust to. In “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli”, Adam Gopnik an American writer, and also a father and husband, writes about his three years old daughter growing up in a very crowed city and his imaginary friend. He starts seeing this whole new city and how it works, through his daughter’s eyes. He mentions how these new technological advances also formed part of our so- ciety and how a city like New York, people depend on them to survive. Through the eyes of a child adults can see things that they thought of as different. By viewing life through someone else’s eyes could help to make us realize that sometimes we keep ourselves occupy with work to avoid the reality of the world outside our doors. Also that our actions, most of the times, can in- fluence on somebody else’s lives, and could provoke a great effect on them. People with a busy city-life often establish barriers against others to keep them out their private space. Sometimes these people end up losing some values in their lives. Most of the times we justify the meaning of these barriers with the excuse of busyness. Gopnik states in his essay
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Aguilera 2 that “We build rhetorical baffles around our lives to keep the crowding out, only to find that we have let nobody we love in” (158) When setting barriers to our own lives, we create a space where no one is allow to enter. Instead of communicating with the outside world we choose to
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Final draft 1 - Aguilera 1 Claudia Aguilera Basic...

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