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When a song, a play, a movie, or any other type of art is created the time in which is cre- ated causes big effects on it. A perfect example that I can think of are “The Beatles”. During the sixties this band from England changed the world of music with their new style of music, clothes and hair. Lots of young people from all over the world were influenced by them. They would wear the same clothes as them. They would get the same and very popular hair cut, and would dance and listen to their music. Since I am a huge fan of this English rock band, and also being born and raised in Cuba, I know a great deal about how The Beatles influenced on the youth in Cuba. During this time Cuba was getting ready for a possible invasion so most of the young people were getting re- cruited against their will. Afraid of the Cuban youth getting influence by the wildness, freedom and open minded messages in their songs, the Cuban political system prohibited The Beatles to
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Unformatted text preview: be heard in the country. Most of the symbols that represented The Beatles meant a symbol of re-bellion for young people. When half of people on the planet had the world-wide famous hair cut, teenagers in Cuba were getting their head shaved. Even though listening to The Beatles was forbidden in Cuba, people found ways of being able to listen to them. This meant a threat for the government since teenagers and young adults used to secretly meet in groups and listen to them. This also meant that these people were against the government and they could come out with ideas against it. Most of this people ended up get-ting arrested because they revealed against the government. Even though these people did not get to accomplish their plans, it is good to recognized that their inspiration come from the massages in The Beatles’ songs....
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