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article summary and analysis

article summary and analysis - Nick Gomez CJ 104-001...

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Nick Gomez CJ 104-001 10/20/11 Article Summary and Analysis The main idea of the article “All the Women in the Maryland State Penitentiary: 1812- 1869” is to explain just that; the women who came through the Maryland State Penitentiary. It was an observation of the women prisoners from 1812-1869, which covered three time periods; pre-Civil War, Civil War, and post-Civil War in the United States. The bulk of the information provided is background information on the inmates before they actually entered into the penitentiary. The rest covers why they were entered into the penitentiary, the many types of crimes that they were entered in for, and the likelihood of repeat offenses once their time was served. This information was pointed to two groups of people; the white race and the black race (both slaves and free). Throughout this article these groups are continuously compared in almost every aspect of their lives, both before prison, during and after their release. Unfortunately, the article does mention that there is definitely not enough literature written on the inmates so the majority of the information found and discussed is in this article, which proves overall we are very limited in the knowledge that we do have of them. In this summary I will go on to discuss the inmates background information before prison, their reasons to be admitted to this prison and the various types of crimes they committed as well as the repeat offenders, and then shortly after I will begin my analysis of the article as a whole. To gain a better understanding of the prisoners admitted to the Maryland State Penitentiary a background on them is a must. As I stated above, the prisoners were categorized into two groups based on race; whites and blacks (slaves and free). The majority of the
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incarcerated were indeed black, however there were many whites detained in the prison as well. There was a mixture of both free and slaved blacks due to the fact that Maryland was generally considered a neutral state compared to the rest of the states, so it had both free blacks and slaves. Each description of the two races from here on out will be a comparison of these two groups in the penitentiary. It was found that the majority of the prisoners, both white and black, were born in the U.S. and specifically in the state of Maryland. However, those who were born out of the U.S. were discovered to have been born in one of three countries. Whites, if not born in the U.S., were found to have been born in either Germany or Ireland. Blacks, if not born in the U.S. were found to have been born in Jamaica. The number of foreign inmates were very low, however the majority of them were discovered to have been white, so either from Ireland or Germany.
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