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Cause and effects - Parth Parikh ESL 407 MWF 11 AM Ms...

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Parth Parikh 04/07/2010 ESL 407 MWF 11 AM Ms. Reitan Cause and effect: Mumbai Attacks on 26 th November Mumbai attacks on 26 th November 2008 was one of the India’s worst terrorist attacks which warned and threatened all the people of India. Through this attack, the terrorists had given India a message that this war will go on for years. Attacks were a matter of concern for the Indians. Walking on the streets of Mumbai was like having a nightmare. The attacks were well planned and caused a sufficient amount of destruction which ultimately fulfilled the desires of the attackers. The lack of security and lack of resources was the root cause of such a large devastation in the trade center of India. As per the report, the attackers travelled by sea from Karachi and hijacked a ship to sail to Mumbai. Despite some security on the sea coast, terrorists were successful in coming to Mumbai. The main cause of their entry to Mumbai was due to the lack of security on the coast. People did see the terrorists entering Mumbai but as the terrorists were clever and pre-planned,
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Cause and effects - Parth Parikh ESL 407 MWF 11 AM Ms...

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