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Parth Parikh MWF 11AM Ms. Reitan 02/22/2010 Dear Dads: Save Your Sons: Methods of Persuasion In the article “Dear Dads: Save Your Sons”, the author have stated the thesis saying that Fathers should take care of their sons, and should spend some of their time with their kids. While describing the thesis, author has used different methods of persuasion in different paragraphs. Author uses methods of persuasion like examples, predicting the consequences, referring to an authority, and answering the opposition. The author uses the method of persuasion “examples” in paragraphs one, five, and eight. In the first paragraph he states the sentence, “I had seen a hundred like him”. He seems like referring to someone else and at the same time giving his example. The “predicting the consequences method of persuasion is used by the author at a very
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Unformatted text preview: few places like in paragraphs two and six where he says “Are there any men in his life?” and in paragraph six, he uses the word might to describe the happenings. Similarly he uses the rest of methods of persuasion like, “Referring to an authority” amd “Answering the opposition” in the rest of the paragraphs. In paragraph seven, he uses the “answering the opposition” method of persuasion and goes against the fathers who doesn’t have time for their children. Thus, by stating his point with the help of the methods of persuasion, the author here tries to explains the fathers to spend some time of their life with their children rather than having fun without them....
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