ESL 408 Marraige Final Draft

ESL 408 Marraige Final Draft - Parth Parikh Marriage Final...

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Parth Parikh 14 th February 2011 Marriage – Final Draft – Corrected ESL 408 Ms. Reitan “Marriage is all about love, and to find a partner with whom one will live happy and enjoy the rest of his/her life according to the type of marriage in their religion.“ – Parth Parikh. People have different views about marriages because there are different kinds of marriages done in different cultures. Marriage is the combination of two souls in one. It has many phases ranging from love to hatred which can change the life of a person to the fullest. Where on one side, many couples are seen living with each other happily, and on the other side, the divorce rates have never been this high, and more and more people are choosing to separate. This has cause to change the views of people and bring it on the negative side of the marriage, but still views on marriage are dynamic and keep on changing. “Marriage is a psychological effect of people’s mind which lets them love someone and change themselves in that loved ones presence.” – says Sawyer a sophomore in SUNY Buffalo. People say that love sometimes happens at the first sight. When a person sees someone of the opposite sex, the first thing which appears in the person’s mind is his/her beauty. The mind lets him decide whether to love that person or not which has a psychological phenomenon, but apart from that marriage is also about true love and giving one’s life for some loved one. Hence, marriage is a feeling, a thought, a psychology and an emotion which despite having done according different rituals in different countries and culture has the same meaning which is love. Marriages are done in different ways and with different rituals in different countries. Some of the countries like India, China, Japan, Islamic Countries, USA, and many others
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ESL 408 Marraige Final Draft - Parth Parikh Marriage Final...

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