Yay for Biology - Galileo Copernicus Aristotelian logic...

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Yay for Biology. Galileo Went to court and was forced to renounce his statement about the heliocentric theory. One of the first to use the scientific method. Copernicus Heliocentric theory that contradicted church. Aristotelian logic Deductive syllogism 1. If statement (major) 2. Then statement (minor) 3. Therefore statement (conclusion) Theodosius Dobzhansky Population geneticist who thought life only made sense under the light of evolution. Plato 2 worlds: real world with ideas vs. world of illusions. Aristotle Naturalist, ruled out evolution, believed that living things were arranged in a ladder of increasing complexities (scala naturae), believed in immutable species. Immutable vs. mutable species No change in species over time vs. change. Roger Bacon Monk who encouraged people to look at the world. Natural theology Promotes God by studying nature. Carolus Linnaeus Sweedish physician and botanist. Very devout Christian. Father of modern taxonomy. Wrote Species Plantera and Systema Naturae. Binomial Nomenclature Generic name and specific epithet Georges Cuvier French anatomist. Father of paleontology. Theory of catastrophism. James Hutton Scottish geologist. Principle of gradualism- slow continuous changes in earth’s crust. Charles Lydell Scottish. Theory of uniformitarianism- geological processes even out over time. Jean Baptiste Lamarck French. Invertebrate curator. Theory of use and disuse of body parts. Acquired characteristics (physical changes) were passed on to offspring [wrong]. Environment plays an important role in species change over time [right]. Charles Darwin Evolution through natural selection. Thought that if the earth can change, so can life. Erasmus Darwin Charles’ grandfather Robert Darwin Charles’ father John Henslow Botanist, wrote “Principles of Geology” Adam Sedgwick Geologist Josiah Wedgewood Darwin’s uncle, daughter was Emma HMS Beagle Sailed from Plymouth December 27, 1831. Captain was Robert Fitzroy. Goal was to refine longitude and find a biblical account of creation. South America stuff Argentina- pampas Gaucho- cowboys Grasslands with no rabbits, but Mara, a.k.a. Patagonian Hare Phylogenically related Related by evolution; modern day forms are related to extinct forms. i.e. glyptodont and Giant Armadillo
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Yay for Biology - Galileo Copernicus Aristotelian logic...

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