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Torres Introduction Gregor Johann Mendel is widely regarded as the Father of Modern Genetics and as the creator of the laws of Segregation and Independent Assortment. Mendel was born in the year 1822 in Heinzendorf, Austria to a family of peasant farmers (Henig 2000). He grew up being educated in the local community and eventually entered the Philosophical Institute in Olmutz (Gale 2009). Unfortunately, he was not in the best financial situation and in 1842 he was forced to enter the Augustinian monastery in Brünn. In 1844, Mendel was ordained as a monk and priest. The monastery then paid for Mendel to go to the University of Vienna to finish his studies in biology, botany, zoology, chemistry, and physics. He finished his training and graduated from the University in 1851 (Gale 2006). Mendel returned to the monastery and spent the rest of his life there while he taught at a local college. He was appointed in charge of the monastery’s garden and began his experiments on pea plants in 1856. He decided on using pea plants because they were know for their ability to true breed. True breeding means that the same phenotype will be produced generation after generation. He carefully examined the pea plants and decided to breed for seven distinct traits.
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Bruno Genetics Lab - Torres Introduction Gregor Johann...

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