Medical sociology Chapter 10

Medical sociology Chapter 10 - 1 Chapter 10: Doctor-Patient...

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Chapter 10: Doctor-Patient Interaction (Reading) I. Introduction a. Parson i. Dr.- dominant role (medical knowledge) ii. Patient- subordinate (accepting, rejecting, or negotiating recommendation for treatment b. Medical decision role i. Patient desire ad demand service and physicians are trained to meet these demands (feel the need to do something) II. Models of Interaction a. Two Perspectives on physician-patient interaction: i. Szasz and Hollender: seriousness of the patient’s symptoms is the determining factor in dr.-patient interaction 1. activity-passivity model : decision making and power in the relationship are all on the side of the doctor, as the patient is passive and contributes little or nothing to the interaction 2. guidance-cooperation model : patient knows what’s going on (acute illness) and can cooperate with the physician 3. mutual-participation model : (chronic illness) patient works with doctor as a full participant in controlling the disease (ex. diabetes and heart disease) ii. Hayes-Bautista 1. patient a. tell physician treatment isn’t working b. Counter the treatment w/ actions of their own 2. Physician- use their expertise/ discuss benefits of prolonging the treatment 3. Interaction btw patient and physician is negotiation iii. Summary: both perspectives say that in non-emergency situations, patients don’t necessarily act passively when interacting with their doctors in heath manner b. SES i. Lower class are more passive w/ doctor ii. Middle, upper middle class- more consumer-oriented and active
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Medical sociology Chapter 10 - 1 Chapter 10: Doctor-Patient...

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