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ethogram - -Always run with tail straight behind...

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11/8/07 8:30 AM Sunny, clear, cold -poised down with head jutted forward. Legs spread wide, tail flat, pushed up on front legs. Sitting upright. -Hop- jumping with tail flicking, quickly without stopping. -Dash across road -Legs underneath body, head down but upward, tail on back, curled on neck -Sitting on branch towards edge of branch; semi upward with tail curled on back -Startled hops- climbs to other side of the tree quickly, hugging the tree with all limbs, tailed poised slightly above trunk -Flicking tail, moving one back leg up and down -One squirrel ran up a tree, another ran down -Small sudden, spurts of movement- not one continuous run or walk -Moving down the tree- legs spread wide, small distances at a time, tail flat straight behind, moves opposite sides of body at a time -Running- tail straight out, hopping (loping) -moving nose along the tree after coming out of a hole -moves acorn around in its hand -At small puddle from car exhaust leaking, drank; his jaw shook as his head leaned into the puddle.
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Unformatted text preview: -Always run with tail straight behind them-Eating bark?-When two come together, they don't fight- one stays and then moves with his food in hand to another spot-Don't fight over food- non aggressive-Two squirrels moving together up and down the tree, copying and following each other-When seeing a dog- tail pushed flat, jerked back quickly, ran to opposite side of tree 11/12/07 4:30 PM Clear skies, moderate temperature-8 squirrels in one tree- moving up and down branches, around the tree. Continuous movement. Not chase, just following and climbing.-Standing, front paws pulled in, tailed curved onto back-Moving up branch- grab and anchor with the back legs, move forward in short bursts with front legs-Hopping- pushing off with back legs, short hops-Jumping- jumped a long distance from a power line to a branch and then farther jump to another branch...
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ethogram - -Always run with tail straight behind...

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