Species Evolution Notes - Week 5 Species Evolution Species...

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Week 5 Species Evolution Species comes from the Greek kind or appearance. They share some common biological attribute and genetically separate from similar groups. 1927 Ernest Mayr a scientist at Harvard, lead ornithologist to New Guinea, Aratax mountains, dealt with natives and asked for bird names in area. They came up with 100 names. When Mayr did the count, he came up with 130 names for birds, as opposed to the 100 birds the natives came up with. The field guide concept replaced the shooting concept for collecting. The concept of species has changed. Species History Typological Species- static immutable species, doesn’t change stay the same. This conflicts with evolution. Morphological Species- different types of living things recognized by their living form. Concept that it is hard to implement, can be problematic. Species of plants or animals represented by morphology or phenotype form. Used to define species; some groups within a species have significant variance. Biological Species- a genetically distinct group of natural populations that share a common gene pool and being reproduced isolated from all other such groups. Conspecifics- two individuals of a species- genetic tie between individuals. Members of the same species, reproductively compatible. Agnostic encounter- no genetic relativeness. Interspecific- interactions occurring between members in a group or species. Introspecific- interactions occurring between species. Encounter when one individual of a species replace another of another species. Physiological differences between species.
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Species Evolution Notes - Week 5 Species Evolution Species...

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