Bio Lab--Ethogram MAC - Ethogram of Sciurus carolinesis on...

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Ethogram of Sciurus carolinesis on the Coker College Campus Maggie Coates Nov. 29, 2001 MWF 11:00 am
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Introduction Ethograms are generally used to catalogue the behaviors of a specified species of organism. The descriptions of these behaviors can be grouped into two categories: empirical and functional. Empirical descriptions describe the behavior in terms of exactly what is being done, with respect to the individual’s body parts. Functional descriptions describe why this is being done--what the animal may gain from performing this action. Both of these types are used in this ethogram. Specifically, Sciurus carolinensis , or the Eastern Gray Squirrel, was concentrated on during this study. They are found throughout the eastern United States, centered in the hardwood forests. Males and females do not differ in their size or coloration. The majority of the full-grown adults of this species have a total body length of 380-525 mm and weigh about 300-710 grams. Males have an average life span of nine years, while females have an average life span of twelve and a half years. They spend the majority of this time in trees, as they are an arboreal species. They eat a collection of nuts, seeds, and fruit (Halloran). In accordance with their name, the Eastern Gray Squirrel have a dark to pale gray appearance that is shaded with a reddish color around their hips, feet, and head. They have two coats—a winter and a summer. Because of this, they shed twice a year, shedding the whole of their old coat for one new one. The winter coat is thicker and keeps the animal warmer, while the summer one help keeps them cool. They have four
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Bio Lab--Ethogram MAC - Ethogram of Sciurus carolinesis on...

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