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Mendelian Genetics Lab Henry Zhang - Mendelian Genetics Lab...

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Mendelian Genetics Lab Henry Zhang Lab Partner: Daniel Roberts 10:00 Lecture October 16, 2006 On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this lab.
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Introduction Genetics is the science of genes, heredity, and the many variations of organisms. The word “genetics” was first suggested to describe the study of inheritance and the science of variation by the British scientist William Bateson, when he mailed a personal letter to Adam Sedgwick. Bateson used the term “genetics” publicly at the Third International Conference on Genetics in 1906. (Wikipedia) A gene is the unit of heredity in living organisms. Genes are encoded in an organism's genome, composed of DNA or RNA, and direct the physical development and behavior of the organism. Most genes encode proteins, which are biological macromolecules comprising linear chains of amino acids that affect most of the chemical reactions carried out by the cell. Some genes do not encode proteins, but produce non- coding RNA molecules that play key roles in protein biosynthesis and gene regulation. (Levine) Genes achieve their effects by directing protein synthesis. They are composed of DNA, except in some viruses that contain RNA instead. The sequence of nitrogenous bases along a strand of DNA determines the genetic code. When the product of a particular gene is needed, the portion of the DNA molecule that contains that gene splits, and a complementary strand of RNA, called messenger RNA (mRNA), forms and then
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Mendelian Genetics Lab Henry Zhang - Mendelian Genetics Lab...

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