Jenn's Mockingbird Time Allocation

Jenn's Mockingbird Time Allocation - Time Allocation...

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Time Allocation Jennifer Swiantek Partners: Sonny Bivona and Erik Devaun Monday 2:00 Laboratory 10:00 Lecture
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INTRODUCTION The Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos , was near extinction around large cities such as St. Louis and Philadelphia due to the popular market demand for the caging of these mockingbirds in the 18 th and 19 th centuries (Cornell). Today, the population has largely recovered, and the birds are found in abundance along the Southeastern coast, especially in Florida and along the Gulf coast. There is also an abundant population of Northern Mockingbirds right here in Hartsville, South Carolina. Northern Mockingbirds feed on wild fruit like holly, blackberry, Virginia creeper, sumac, poison ivy, and prickly pear in the autumn and winter months. During other times of the year, especially in times of breeding, the bird will feed on arthropods and other insects with its unique foraging technique through short grasses. The most notable characteristic of the Northern Mockingbird is its amazing vocal prowess. Northern Mockingbirds sing through most of the year with the exception of usually the coldest months of December and January in which energy is primarily conserved for the establishment of territories. These birds are known to sing up to two hundred different tunes. These songs can range from the callings of other birds, to insect and amphibian sounds, to even the occasional mechanical noise. The birds, especially the males, can be known to sing through the night most notably on the nights of full moons. For this reason, and the fact that the birds are also known to devour grapes and other
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Jenn's Mockingbird Time Allocation - Time Allocation...

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