December 10, 2003 - Sociobiology

December 10, 2003 - Sociobiology - Sociobiological concepts...

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Sociobiological concepts Ideas presented by him, it doesn’t mean that he believes this stuff, just relating I. Parent-Offspring Conflict a. Is inevitable i. Because children are born selfish and deceitful. 1. come give us more credit than that ii. ok, here’s a story about bringing home Debra. Would be put down at night and take care of her and then they would set about cleaning the house and doing statistic. Fall in the bed at 11:00 or 1:00. Whenever. Child would cry sometime around 2:00 or 2:30. but she would just be happy whenever they entered. Pediatrician said that the child loves mom and dad. The child is training you guys all ready to get your attention and she wants you all the time. Needed to swattle her. Wrap her up in a blanket and leave her and allow her to scream her head off. Didn’t do that for a while and kept getting up, but lost a lot of sleep. About that time he took off to the coast and left them. Mother gets a support group and decides to outweight the child. Screaming started, the wife sat there and waited while she screamed for over an hour. Child goes back to sleep after an hour. Slowly, it went less and less. So, she
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December 10, 2003 - Sociobiology - Sociobiological concepts...

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