December 8, 2003 - Species behavior

December 8, 2003 - Species behavior - I. II. Territoriality...

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I. Territoriality a. A piece of ground defended against from any others who enter. b. Usually just between species, but if resources are scarce, may be between even other species c. All about resources d. Florida Scrub-Jay. In the Princeton monograph by Glenn Wolfenden, he has been able to band and color mark almost every scrub-jay in his study area. If color banding, they have a band with a series of colors that uniquely identifies that bird. What is puzzling is that around the nest, you will see three or four young birds as “helpers at the nest.” These birds nest in the florida scrub grass. As the territory gets smaller, fewer birds have territory. Therefore, helpers will help their parents raise more young. When the eggs hatch, the inside of the nest is a glistening white colore and the helpers help to move those egg-shells. As the nest begins to smell from the young, they help to keep it clean. But will also help with watching the area around the nest, in order to harass or peck any predators. The only real downside is that they do not get to reproduce for that year, however, their fitness is improved from this. e. Hensley and Cope, went into a forest, mapped out territories by singing birds, then went back with their shotguns and selectively romoved territory holding birds. Sometimes within minutes, another male would come in really quick and begin to sing. These birds are known as floaters who hang around the fringes of the territory hoping for the chance to take over. f. Individual Space is the space around the individual in which the individual will make sure that no others come into unless maybe a member of the opposite sex during mating season. They will maintain this space no matter the geographic location II. Dominance a. One organism taking precedence over another in the acquisition iof some actually or potentially limiting resource. b.
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December 8, 2003 - Species behavior - I. II. Territoriality...

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