December 1, 2003 - Ecosystems

December 1, 2003 - Ecosystems - c. Nitrogen i. Root nodules...

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Ecosystems I. Competition and Predation a. Tend to affect the flow of nutrients and energy throughout an Ecosystem b. The main source of energy is the sun c. Autotrophy i. Use the sunlight to provide their own source of energy d. Heterotrophy i. Feed on plants or organisms to gain energy ii. Some feed on the carcasses or remains of the deceased or consumes the waste products of other organisms 1. Saprophytes II. Feeding Levels (Trophic Levels) a. Many different food chains forming a food web III. Producer a. Takes energy from the sun IV. Primary consumer a. First organism to feed on the producer V. Secondary consumer a. Feeds on the Primary consumer VI. Tertiary consumer a. Feeds on the secondary consumer VII. Usually about four to five levels in a chain a. Dramatic decrease in productivity from one level to another b. About 90% lost VIII. Pyramid of biomass a. Amount of living material per area I. Cycles a. Water b. Carbon Dioxide
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Unformatted text preview: c. Nitrogen i. Root nodules on legumes or plants that produce fruits in a pod. ii. In these nodules, there are nitrogen fixation bacteria that can fix nitrogen into the soil iii. Ammonia converted to nitrites to nitrates to water and into plants and help with production of amino acids and other things. d. Phosphorous cycle i. Used for substrate phosphorylation through a natural erosion process in which water erodes rock and gets phosphorous e. Eutrophication i. Natural aging process that occurs in bodies of water in which it will fill up with organic material We need to read about communitive ecology and read carefully about succession, both primary and secondary. Also about the biomes and the aquatic realm I. Human Ecology a. Very important for America is the average amount of topsoil in which to grow our agriculture...
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December 1, 2003 - Ecosystems - c. Nitrogen i. Root nodules...

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