November 10, 2003 - Symbiosis

November 10, 2003 - Symbiosis - I Symbiosis i We were...

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I. Symbiosis i. We were discussing how a ribosome might have come about from being ingested into a larger protobiont but not being digested. Refer to previous notes ii. Sym = together, Bio = Life 1. life together b. Mutualism (Termites) i. That example was this kind ii. Both organisms benefit from the relationship iii. Termites bore into wood, but cannot function any further without the presence of a small organism of a diaflaginate (Trichonympha Campanula). Digests the wood fro the termites, who cannot digest the wood, can only bore into the wood and would die without the help of the …other thing. So the termite and the other thing have a mutualistic symbiosis, NOT the termite and the wood iv. Nile crocodiles 1. huge and enormous crocs 2. twenty or thirty feet away is a bird that walks to the croc and then begins to peck at the teet of the croc and takes away bits of food (the Egyptian plubber). Bird gets a free meal and the croc gets its teeth clean. v.
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