Mal's Mallard Time Allocation

Mal's Mallard Time Allocation - TIMEALLOCATIONLAB...

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T T IME IME  A  A LLOCATION LLOCATION  L  L AB AB Mallory Hudson Mallory Hudson M M ONDAY ONDAY  L  L AB AB 11:00 L 11:00 L ECTURE ECTURE Partners: Lauren Hill, Heather Pruitt Partners: Lauren Hill, Heather Pruitt On my honor, I have neither given nor received On my honor, I have neither given nor received     unauthorized help on this lab. unauthorized help on this lab.
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I. I. Introduction Introduction The Encyclopedia Britannica defines time as “a measured or measurable period” or “a continuum that lacks spatial dimensions” (“Time”). The subject of time has been analyzed by philosophers and scientists for centuries. The philosophers Parmenides and Zeno believed that time is an illusion. They believed that logic more accurately showed the state of reality than experiences and time. Buddha and Greek philosophers Plato and Plotinus believed that time isn’t completely an illusion. They believed that it was poor imitation of conditions in an ideal external world. The Greek philosopher Heracleitus believed that “time flow is of the essence of reality” (“Time”). In the 19 th century, Sir Isaac Newton determined that there is absolute time that is separate from relative time. Newton established that time and space as parts of the study of metaphysics. His findings have influenced many philosophers and physicists. Today, physics and mathematics have been more incorporated into the modern views on time. Einstein’s theory of relativity, as interpreted by Hermann Minkowski, states that space and time are not separate entities, but a single entity. This belief has led to many other
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Mal's Mallard Time Allocation - TIMEALLOCATIONLAB...

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