Lecure Notes - humans live Idealism/Essentialism Creatures...

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Biology Notes 1633 Papal Inquisition Galileo Forced to say – Earth did not move around Sun First to implement Scientific Method House Arrest Copernicus Helio-Centric Theory Sun is center of Universe Contradicted the Church Deductive Syllogism If….(hypothesis) Then…. . Therefore…. . Used by church The Church controlled thinking and techniques Aristotelian logic Only way to get answers Deductive reasoning Taxonomist Named and classified species 900,000 insects Where did the diversity come from? God? Creation Evolution Eveloute An unrolling Changes in living organisms over time (geologic time) 1973 Theodosius Dobzhansky Nothing in bio makes sense, except in light of Evolution Evolution Changes in population gene frequency’s over many generations Plato 427-347 BC 2 worlds 1 st world Real ideal eternal world where God lives 2 nd world World of illusion, imperfect, perceived by senses where
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Unformatted text preview: humans live Idealism/Essentialism Creatures already perfect Aristotle 384-322 BC Teacher was Plato Questioned Plato’s two worlds Early naturalist Observed and understood nature First scheme of taxonomy Ladder of life No flexibility Scala naturae Each species immutable Teachings consistent with the church Teachings followed for 2,000 years 5 th century Dark Ages Roger Bacon Ceased to be ruled by dogmas and authorities 16 th-17 th centuries People promoted study 1600’s Induction/inductive reasoning View experiment Infer generalization /\ specific case / \ / \ large principal Card von Linnue Swedish physician Botanist Devote Christian Immutability of species Published Species Plantarum Botany Systema Naturae Animals...
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Lecure Notes - humans live Idealism/Essentialism Creatures...

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