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Material Up Until LAST CLASS - History Crap Run Get Notes...

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History Crap Run - Get Notes from Matt from Tuesday I. Left off with isenhower II. Ike a. Domestic Program - covered b. Foreign b.i. 8 major points which together with Truman forms the basis for American foreign policy after WWII. First four covered. b.ii. Number 5: Hungarian Revolution b.ii.1. Not long after cold war, a group of people launched a revolution in Hungary to overthrow the communistic government. Hungary is the western most of the communist block states. It was affiliated with Austria and much of its orientation is west. There were in the range of BBC and the Voice of America where they heard about freedom and capitalism. This influenced the rebels who wanted to join the western lock. They hoped, possibly, that the US would support them. However, our policy of containment would not allow us to help them as it would agitate the soviet block. America does not support or actively become involved, the soviet union suppressed the rebels as they did in the Prague Spring ? in Chezck. b.ii.2. We lifted quota limits on immigration allowing any Hungarian refugees who wanted to gain access to the US. b.iii. 6. Spufnik - It was a sattilite that was put up by the Soviet Union. The US viewed ourselves as number one, we got the bomb first, we are scientificially advanced, and all of a sudden we were number 2. It produced an outcry of humiliation and secondly a motion in education. There was such a fervor for science education. Science is a huge deal and was very emphasized. There is thrust of education reform as well as a rush of commitment to see if we might match the soviet accomplishments in space. This is important not only so we can be number 1 again, but also because a platform for space could be used to launch attacks on any part of the earth and these are very important military reasons for us to. b.iv. 7. Cuban Revolution - we went down there to fight for independence, we had always liked Cuba. In the atmosphere of the cold war, we were primarily opposed to communist and we often supported non-communist dictators because, well, they weren’t communist. We had long supported the regime of La Tista (?) in Cuba. When Castro launched a rebellion to overthrow the government, we viewed him as a home grown version of George Washington who would free Cuba. But he brought his own particular version of communism. Cubans and Americans were totally astonished that he turned to communism. He lined himself with China and Soviet Union and began to lead opposition to America. The Limits of Power - there wasn’t much we could do even though there is a commie in Cuba. We couldn’t nuke him, we couldn’t invade because Latin America would hate us, it was very frustrating and we were faced with the limits of power once again.
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b.v. 8. The U2 incident - there had been hope that Isenhower and Cristeph(?) would meet again. This was destroyed byt the U2 - an American spy plane flying at exceptional heights and it had amazing photographic equipment. The soviet union announced they shot down an American Spy Plane (we
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Material Up Until LAST CLASS - History Crap Run Get Notes...

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