Material For Test 7 - XX. Normalcy (20s) - roman numeral is...

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XX. Normalcy (20’s) - roman numeral is wrong in the class - so we’ll call it 20 since we are talking about the 20s. There was no such word as normalcy. The decade of normalcy has 10 major characteristics: a. Disillusionment - America is bitterly disillusioned. We opened the progressive era with a spirit of optimism. But it didn’t work. We went to war to make the world safe for democracy and all we got was communism. We wanted to end the war and already there are rumblings for war in Europe and Asia. All of the bright hopes that had launched the 20 th century seemed to have faltered and failed. Americans are tired of being hassled. It was just a lot of being bothered. More than anything else America wanted to get back to normalcy: making money, attending to business, being left alone. b. Isolationism - The average American wanted to forget the war as soon as we got home. America wanted to forget that violent experience. The general view was that we died to save their problems and if they can’t keep them solved we will not go back to help. We wanted to isolate ourselves behind our oceans and mind our own business. America dramatically returns to isolationism. c. Prosperity - Getting back to normalcy means getting abck to the days of Mckinnley when we were making money. America has never been richer than they were when they were in the 20s. This is the roaring twenties, and this came from the widespread prosperity. From the beginning of the first colony in 1607 all the way to WWI America had always been a debtor nation - we bought more from other countries than we sold to them. For the first time in American history, at the end of WWI we emerge as a creditor nation. Other countries now owe us money. It doesn’t get much better than this. Everyone is apparently prospering thoroughly. d. Republican Rule - Ever since 1860 republicans have been winning (except for some flukes). When the democrats get in there is a brief reason for this. Republicans are the norm. Getting back to normalcy is getting a republican government back. d.i. Pro Big Business d.ii. Lassie-faire - government out of business d.iii. High Tariff d.iv. Religion- the 1920s the general belief is: God wants you to be rich. One of the most popular books is by Bruce Barton - it is called the Man Nobody Knows. It is the life of Jesus - described as coming up with a new idea finding 12 guys out of nowhere and changing the world. If modern businessmen imitated Jesus’ tactics they could be successful. d.iv.1. Anti - labor: anti-labor unions because they are violent. During the war Samual Gompers gave a no strike pledge. After the war however it was discovered that big business had been engaged in profiteering (excessive profits when laborers got nothing). There were a series of strikes and there were violent movements so people once again oppose the unions. Unions are considered un- American (foreign) which is synonym to communism. d.iv.2.
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Material For Test 7 - XX. Normalcy (20s) - roman numeral is...

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