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Material For Test Three VII. The Age of Jackson (1828-1840) - “The (Democratic) Revolution of 1828” - the term revolution means the shifting into a more democratic view of government. Jackson’s vision is made up of small independent farmers. Jacksonian democracy is democracy for the common man. This was the most broadly democratic base in the world (though it did exclude blacks, woman, and Indians). a. Nationalism as a theme of the Age of Jackson a.i. Democracy: a.i.1. The right to vote has been broaden to a larger number of people and with less criteria. Because the suffrage had expanded so broadly, more and more people bothered to vote. People liked to vote. a.i.2. Caucus: the caucus was eliminated under Jackson - in favor of a national party convention. Each state sent delegates to a national convention. Today, the only office that is still nominated by convention is the Presidency. a.i.3. The Popular Election of Presidential Electors. This is a change in practice, and the presidential electors are now voted for by the people. a.i.4. There are more elected offices: before the offices (mayor, governor, President) would appoint other offices. Under Jackson more offices were made elected. a.ii. Political Parties: a.ii.1. There is a strengthening of political parties a.ii.2. Patronage - “Spoils System” - to the victor belong the spoils. The Political parties awarded their supporters with government jobs. Back then there was no secret ballad, and so jobs were handed out to voters. This builds political loyalty. The most important jobs to handed out presidentially are the cabinet offices. It became traditional for the President to give the Secretary of State position to the next important person of the party. Thus, Jackson put powerful party people in the cabinet - though he didn’t like them very much. a.ii.2.a. “The Kitchen cabinet” an unofficial advisory group of people whom talked with Jackson to come up with policies which Jackson then pushed it through his cabinet. a.ii.3. The Press: newspaper were partisan back then…it was a known fact/expectancy. Most local areas were concentrating on local news…Jackson discovered that he could give press releases to the local newspapers. He plays games with the press and gets the allusion of popularity (clips all of the hundreds of articles about him). a.iii. Presidency a.iii.1. Strengthened the presidency: he used the vetoed twice as much as all of his predecessors combined. He discovered the
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pocket veto - and was the first person to use it effectively. Jackson’s impact is enhanced by the strength of his presidency. a.iv. Economic a.iv.1. BUS - the pet child of Henry Clay’s American System. Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson do not get along, Clay had
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Material For Test Three - Material For Test Three VII. The...

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