Oct 17, Noets - History - 10/17/08 1. VI Era of Good...

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History - 10/17/08 1. VI Era of Good Feeling a. A b. B c. John Quincy Adams: c.i. Elected president in the controversial election of 1824. c.ii. Like his father, he is of exemplary character and considerable experience. Served in Senate, and while there he resigned from the senate in protest of the embargo. He was one of our representatives at the Treaty of Ghent, served as Secretary of State under Monroe. Having been raised in a federalists household, he had an emphasis on the bank/tariff…he wanted a strong military, and a national university. He served one term, rarely a recipe for greatness. After office he earned greatness and was nicknamed “Old Man Eloquence.” Because he had been raised in the concept of public service, he went to the house of representatives and served for 30 years. He was an strong and eloquent voice in defense of nationalism. c.iii. Administration: c.iii.1. Foreign Policy c.iii.1.a. Panama Congress - Adams appointed a delegation to go to the Panama Congress - just a get together of all of those newly independent South American countries. Congress dragged their feet because they didn’t like him, so by the time they approved a delegate the congress was over and they succeeded on embarrassing Adams. c.iii.2. Domestic Policy c.iii.2.a. Erie Canal completed in 1825 (The Big Ditch). The existence of the Erie Canal makes the port of New York the largest and most lucrative port in US. What it does: for the first time everyone west of the mountains can now use the water systems of the lake/canal to get their goods to NY. Water transportation is easier, cheaper, and faster than other
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Oct 17, Noets - History - 10/17/08 1. VI Era of Good...

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