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Notes 10/16/08 1. VI Era of Good Feeling a. Nationalism a.i. Oct 14 a.ii. Oct 14 a.iii. Oct 14 a.iv. Oct 14 - John Marshall a.iv.1. 4. Gibbons v. Ogden a.iv.1.a. The state of New York gave a monopoly on the Hudson river to a person, and the Federal government gave a monopoly to the coastal area to the other. They clashed and went to court. a.iv.1.b. This was an interstate commerce clause broad interpretation. It illustrates the federal over the state government. a.iv.2. 5. Fletcher v. Peck a.iv.2.a. Individuals whom had unknowingly purchased fraudulent land, and Marshall upheld their contract (Yazoo - talked about earlier). a.iv.3. 6. Dartmouth v. Woodward a.iv.3.a. Dartmouth college had been given a charter by the king of England way back when, and the state wanted to change the terms of the charter. The case went to the Supreme Court. a.iv.3.b. The lawyer Daniel Webster of Dartmouth gives this case a special glow. Daniel Webster brought tears to the eyes of the Supreme Court Justices when he said emotionally “Dartmouth is a little college and yet there are those who love her.” a.iv.3.c. Marshall ruled that the charter stood as a contract and therefore the state could not alter it. b. Sectionalism b.i. Politics - The first evidence of Sectionalism as a theme in the era of Good Feeling b.i.1. The Election of 1824 b.i.1.a. There is only one political party b.i.1.b. A caucus is a gathering of all of those members of a political party in congress. They chose their candidate. But now we have only one party, so how is that supposed to work? Everyone is in the caucus, and everyone wants to run…there is a series of Favorite Son Candidates. Each state backing their “Favorite”. So there are 5 candidates representing the states. The favorites - representing the geography (sections): b.i.1.b.i. John C. Calhoun - from South Carolina (South)
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b.i.1.b.i.1. Decides to withdraw from the race
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Oct 16, Notes - Notes 1 VI Era of Good Feeling a...

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