Oct 14, Notes - History Notes 1 War of 1812 the Results a...

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History Notes - 10/14/08 1. War of 1812 - the Results: a. It was a glorious moment - not once, but twice we have won against the British. The results: a.i. A dramatic improvement with our relationship with Britain: a.i.1. The Rush Bagat Treaty - demilitarizes the great lakes. No one is allowed to have more than one ship on the great lakes. It recognizes that we are more likely to be friends (the US and Britain) then to be enemies ever again. a.i.1.a. The battle of Lake Eerie (naval hero: oliver Perry?), it was critical. Perry’s victory stopped the British on the great lakes thus securing our north border. Recognizing that we wouldn’t need to go to war again (this is what results in a.i.2. The convention of 1815 - when we bought Louisiana, it had no borders at all. We draw the 49 th parallel (the lake of the woods - mouth of Mississippi river and across the 49 th to the Rocky Mountains). We also agree to the Joint Occupation of Oregon. We get fishing rights off the coast of Newfoundland(?). This parallel is also undefended (and at this time it is the longest unfortified border in the world). a.i.3. A whole new group of heroes. The two great heroes of 1812 are: a.i.3.a. Jackson a.i.3.b. Harrison a.i.3.b.i. Both eventually become presidents a.i.4. We crush the Indians (how Jackson and Harrison become heroes essentially). The Indians are no longer a menace, and have been basically disposed of. a.i.5. Trade and manufacturing are stimulated. No one is fighting in Europe, we can trade without fear of impediment, the expectation that America would move more in the direction of manufacturing (like England). Nowhere to go but up. a.i.6. National pride - We enter the era of good feeling. We feel great. 2. VI. The Era of Good Feeling (1815-1829) - it is a shift from Jefferson’s view of “the government that governs least governs best” to the Jackson view of government with lots of strength. It goes from the democracy of the ‘middle class and elitist’ to the Jackson belief of “down for the people”. The image of 19 th Century: The ship of state = America. Though it finds the shouls of sectionalism. But it survives and continues to sail on into
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Oct 14, Notes - History Notes 1 War of 1812 the Results a...

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