Oct 10, Notes - History 1 IV Jefferson we left off with...

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History - 10/10/08 1. IV. Jefferson - we left off with Aaron Burr Treason: a. He is up to something, we think it is no good but we aren’t sure. a.i. He gets together with a group of people (with guns) and they go down the Mississippi river. The rumor is that he was going to go down to the New Orleans area and make it an independent country. But he is arrested before he gets there. a.ii. They took him to Chester SC and was put in jail and then preceded to Washington. a.iii. He stood trial in the court of John Marshall. He is very clear about the definition of treason, and the requisite is not available. Jefferson wants Marshall to convict him, and Marshall tells Jefferson no. Aaron burr is set free, he was disgraced so he left the country and lived in Paris. b. Election of 1804: b.i. Jefferson runs a second time with George Clinton b.ii. The Federalists run Pinckney and he loses of course c. John Randolph of Roanoke - standoff with Jefferson c.i. His plantation was named bizarre. It was fraught with murder, incest, lust, and other…crimes. c.ii. Educated at college of William and Mary c.iii. Chosen a member of the House c.iv. Suffered an illness as a boy - couldn’t grow a beard and his voice didn’t change etc. c.v. Had a caustic tongue. He was a jerk, if you read the congressional record. c.vi. Father of America’s first 3 rd party: A furious negative - he opposed everything. The only thing with which he was associated with in a positive sense was states rights. He said “State sovereignty is like a woman’s virginity, you cannot take away only a part of it.” d. Jefferson was eager to curtail expenses d.i. He built a fleet of small ships called a mosquito fleet d.ii. The Crisis of the Jefferson Administration d.ii.1. English and France have been fighting intermittently. Napoleon is in control of France, and the British are opposed to his aggressive tasks. d.ii.2. In the European wars we are the great neutral maritime power. So it spills over and affects us: d.ii.2.a. Neutral Rights of High Seas - they violate the agreement to search our ships d.ii.2.b. They continue to Impressments our sailors (English) d.ii.2.c. We are getting filthy rich (though they took over 1500 ships from us - but we are still rich). Particularly among the federalists there is a mixed feeling. d.ii.2.d.
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Oct 10, Notes - History 1 IV Jefferson we left off with...

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