Oct 7, Notes - History Notes 1 Federalist Era a Advantages...

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History Notes – 10/7/08 1. Federalist Era a. Advantages - done b. Alexander Hamilton - done c. Foreign Policy c.i. Indians – done c.ii. French – done c.iii. British – 2 Problems: c.iii.1. The Northwest Territory – these were taken over by the British in the past, and they were supposed to be taken out after we gained our independence, and they haven’t left yet. c.iii.2. The High Seas - The French and English had established (we were the biggest neutral maritime shipping place in the world) blockades by stopping our ships and searching/seizing them. Though they both do this, the English alone kidnap (impressments) our men and force them to join their navy. Many people jumped ships to make a new life on America, and often they would find a british soldier whom had fled the navy on one of our American ships and forced them to go with them. Often they would just take people because they needed them whether they were British or not. c.iii.2.a. John Jay is sent to England by Washington and he threatens to boycott England. Eventually they draw a treaty where: c.iii.2.a.i. English will clear out of NW Territory c.iii.2.a.ii. They federal government will pay the debts to England c.iii.2.a.iii. We get a little bit of trade with the West Indies c.iii.2.a.iv. It mentioned nothing about impressments, and high seas. c.iii.2.a.v. This isn’t a popular treaty with the American people, but Washington puts his support behind it c.iii.2.a.vi. RESULTS: c.iii.2.a.vi.1. Gave us sovereignty in NW Territory - because they did take out troops c.iii.2.a.vi.2. Was peaceful - we needed peace, not ready for war c.iii.2.a.vi.3.
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Oct 7, Notes - History Notes 1 Federalist Era a Advantages...

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