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Last Minute Notes for Constitution Test - The debate...

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As a general rule they are more frequently found in western states The federalists have a big advantage. They wrote the constitution so they know what it says, and what they think. The newspapers support the constitution – it is owned by federalists. So people hear the federalist opinion. They are organized throughout the colonies, and have backing by ranking reputable soldiers. The Federalists Papers written by Alex Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, they defend the constitution. Their series of essays explain how the founding fathers intended the constitution to work. Richard Henry Lee represents the anti-federalists.
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Unformatted text preview: The debate flourishes and Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the constitution in 1787. New Hampshire, was the last and ratified in 1788. The problem was that neither Virginia nor New York ratified it. If they don’t join the union, it wouldn’t work. Their support is critical for the success of the constitution. Hamiliton leads the fight in New York. And John Marshal and James Madison lead the fight in Virginia. They eventually do ratify. The first congress met in 1789, and they ratified the bill of rights in 1791. DONE – EVERYTHING UP TO HERE IS ON CONSTITUTION TEST>...
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