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History Notes – 9/5/08 “We are in the middle of a revolution people.” We left off with the surrender at Saratoga. Remember, this is the reason the French were able to form an alliance. The French signed an alliance and gave us substantial money – and especially naval support. After Saratoga, the battles move to the South. The British conquered Savannah and Charleston. More battles fought in SC than any other state/colony/whatever. The last great battle we need to know is the battle of Yorktown, where the British surrendered under the leadership of Lord Cornwallis – in 1781. Yorktown is on Chesapeake bay. The Americans by this point were strongly supported by French Troops. This is where Washington is in command. Cornwallis has himself cornered up against the water. He was hoping that the English fleet would come and help him, however the French Fleet came up the bay instead. This battle marked the end of fighting of the revolution. The war didn't end with a victory, however the British just decided that it wasn't worth fighting and money and death. They could have probably won, but they decided it just wasn't worth it. In 1783 we signed the Treaty of Paris Representing the US in Paris: Ben Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams. The British don't like the French, so they offered us an amazing deal. So instead of doing a mutual deal with the French and English, we ignored our treaty with France and signed one with England (in secret kind of maybe). It granted us: Our independence Everything South of the great lakes, east of the Mississippi, and north of Florida. We owned Florida, but we gave it to Spain because they fought with us like the French Promises that we will not interfere with the British collecting their debts, or persecute the Americans loyal to British. British promise to remove all troops The British were very generous. But they thought we would not like being independent. They thought they'd give us more than we could handle. ..and we would come crawling back. They also knew that they would still be the major purchaser of our tobacco and we would still buy british goods we'd become accustomed to – so they knew they could still get filthy rich off of us as an independent nation. F. Results:
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Sept_5_Notes - History Notes We are in the middle of a...

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