Sept_4_Notes - History Notes 9/4/08 Picked up on that chart...

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History Notes – 9/4/08 Picked up on that chart discussing what british were doing and what we were doing. At this point, the radicals have gained control of the Colonies and the British are determined to march from Lexington to Concord in pursuit of the colonial leadership (to regain control). The colonials fled (warned by Paul Reverie and others), and the British ran after them down what is known as the Crimson Trail. The minute men were the colonial farmers whom would (at a minute's notice) drop their plows and fight against the British. In the battle of Lexington and Concord there was the “Shot heard round the world” - which was the first shot and provoked our revolution, which brought forth changes around the world. This battle was not our fault. The americans respond by having the 2 nd Continental Congress John Hancock elected president of congress They voted to raise an army to fight the british George Washington voted general/leader of the army They are encouraged by the Congress to engage in piratering (taking things that would normally be stealing, but because the government sanctions it is just an act of war to increase navy and stuff) They sent representatives to Europe and to the Indians to get help. Especially the French because we both hate the British. They vote to have a national currency, and want to unify the nation A large step in unifying the nation was the vote to have a committee formed to draft the Declaration of Independence. (Refer to Handout with it's notes) D. Causes of Revolution 1. Social Sense of British superiority (they called us the leftovers of society, crooks, etc).We
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Sept_4_Notes - History Notes 9/4/08 Picked up on that chart...

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