Aug 22, Notes - History Notes - 8/22/08 1. I. Introduction...

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History Notes - 8/22/08 1. I. Introduction - finished yesterday 2. II. Colonies a. Establishment 3. Sir. H. Gilbert and brother in law Sir Walter Raleigh, island on outerbanks of North Carolina. A shipload of englishmen came to america and tried to set up a colony here. The founders went back to england to get more funds and people. But when they returned (after delays), the colony was lost. The people were all gone and there were some cryptic letters on a tree. No one knows what happened. They could have been massacred or killled by plague, or moved to Florida. ..we really don't know. Hence, the lost colony. 4. The effort of private individuals failed. They didn't have the resources to do so correctly. 5. We are looking at the first PERMANENT MAINLAND ENGLISH colonies of america. 6. 1. The first of course was Jamestown Virginia - 1607 founding of this colony for commercial purposes. 7. In these days explorers had found this mainland and claimed it for the king. he technically owns the new world. Permission from the king is needed to settle a colony. A charter was given to a group of men to establish Jamestown. The very, very, first people came to this world for profit. They looked at the spanish whom were making tons of money because of this new world. And this was why they wanted to start a colony. ..they wanted to come to american and immediately begin making a profit. This wasn't easily done in virginia. They found a very welcoming land similar to England. They were pleased. They named the river in which they arrived James River after the king. ..and the town Jamestown. However it was in a swamp area. And many people got very sick. It was known as the "seasoning" - if you did
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Aug 22, Notes - History Notes - 8/22/08 1. I. Introduction...

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