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History Notes – 8/29/08 ....continued from the enlightenment: The enlightenment – there are natural laws that describe how the world works. These can be discerned/known by modern man using his logic and reason. Things that were once confusing, now were obvious. It brought about a new way of seeing the world. The Deist were the driving force of the enlightenment. They saw the natural laws, and believed it was God whom made these laws and the Earth. God also allowed us to be able to learn these laws. And because man can now understand, we don't need god. This brought about an enthusiastic era of reform and optimism. This swept through Europe by storm. America established their famous universities Science flourished -though in the colonies only franklin really fit this category, in europe it was a large phenomenon. The arts flourished, literature and fine arts are mimicked from Europe by us. America is a cultural colony of Europe. The general period of 1607 and 1750, is the time when America emerged “The Seedtime of the Republic”. America was thus, a seed from Europe brought to America and they grew into something different. Clinton Rossetor (said the Seedtime Quote). We, early on, thought of ourselves as English (laws, rules, language, customs). But during this Seedtime of the Republic, that begins to shift. Instead of seeing ourselves as English, we see ourselves as different. The seeds of england were planted in new soil, and grew into something different – American. D. Colonial Government There is no set policy in Britian or set group that handled the colonies. They are instead a handful of british government entities. The right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. They are clueless. In the colonies there is a fairly standard structure of government. There is a Royal Governor,
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Aug_29_Notes - History Notes 8/29/08 .continued from the...

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