Aug_26_Notes - 8/26/08 History Notes 5. Connecticut founded...

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Unformatted text preview: 8/26/08 History Notes 5. Connecticut founded in 1636 for religious purposes by T. Hooker. A spill over from Mass. - there were just too many people and they spilled over into Connecticut. 6. RI religious purposes founded by Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, founded in the same year 1636. They (Willaims and Anne) were kicked out of Mass. for heresy The Puritans taught that the church was the state must be in good standing to participate in civic responsibilities Williams believed that the church and state should be separate. Church = control of faith, and Sate = the overlap. Williams and their fellow believers were kicked out of Mass. Anne Hutchinson was also kicked out of Mass. We don't know much about woman of this time period, because they died very young. She came to the new world in her 30s with her family (husband/children). She bought into Calvin's doctrine of Predestination. Since there was nothing you could do to alter your actions/life and affect god's decsion : why bother? This and the fact that she claimed she spoke with God caused her to be kicked out of Mass. Her beliefs were so radical that she was even kicked out of RI. And then moved to New York, and was massacred by the indians. 7. South Carolina commercial purposes in 1663 by Ashley Cooper (among other lord proprietors). The west indies were very profitable...but the islands were crowded and the opportunities were exploited. So people moved to the Carolinas to transplant the way of life/profit from the islands to the similar terrain of Carolina...successful for the most part The hugenots (french protestant). The French said that only catholics could go to the colonies. And many people chose to leave (hugenots) and join English Colonies...Carolina being the first place they showed up....
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Aug_26_Notes - 8/26/08 History Notes 5. Connecticut founded...

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