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Aug_21_introduction - new world • Pope gave Brazil to...

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8/21/08 History Notes – Introduction Voyage of Columbus unique in that he knew where he was going. Why did it work now and not before with the other attempts with other people? New methods of farming – for first time there was a surplus of food and workers allowing exploration Crusades – introduced the mysteries of the east (caused movitvation) Development of nation-states improvement of navigation techniques Opening the colonies was a stimulus of trade and exploration. Spain and Portugal laid claim on the
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Unformatted text preview: new world. • Pope gave Brazil to Portugal, and rest of the Americas to Spain. • The Columbian Exchange - an exchange of colonization in both US and Europe. • England had a surplus of capital – allows for new colonies, and a surplus of population willing to inhabit new colonies • British brought a belief in Natural Law, Common Law, and the rights of the individual (remember Magna Carta). Their parliament also influenced our democratic system....
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